Why collective lending?

You want to invest in real estate; because you know that it’s the most solid and profitable option out there.

And yet, you don’t want to deal with property ownership and the burdens that come with it: maintenance, finding tenants; taxes; and all the waiting before it actually pays you back.

Or, you simply don’t want to spend hundreds-of-thousands for downpayment, and lose your liquidity.


There must be a better way to get a high-interest return from the market. A lighter way. A more direct way.

There’s a place where savvy investors gather and collectively fund commercial development projects. Investors’ Harbour: A collective-financing platform that allows individuals to own shares in a structured entity, lending capital to commercial development projects.


How does it work?

The meticulously planned and carefully selected deals at the Harbour work with a straight-forward “debt financing” methodology. The investment fund, with all its contributors and managing entity, simply, functions like a bank as it gives a construction loan to a professional development firm. 

The amount needed for the completion of the project, is first collected in the fund, and then directly lent to the developer over a loan term of 12-months, and in return of interest. At the end of the loan term, the fund gets paid back, and all the investors earn their profit, based on the units of membership interests they hold.

Structure GraphicsStructuring the deal with an entity not only protects the investors from liability but also helps to streamline distributions and reporting from the developer.

With a competitive, fixed interest rate, members of the Harbour add to their wealth at every deal.

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