Real estate is – still – the best investment. Landed estate ownership has always been the key to generating a solid, reliable, passive income source, and eventually, building wealth.

However, owning property does not come without its burdens and responsibilities. Plus, not all savvy investors keep large amounts of liquidity for a downpayment. Having preexisting fortune should not be the prerequisite for investing in real estate. As a matter of fact, things should work just the other way around.


As a Boston-based investment platform, Investors’ Harbour brings expertise in both tech and finance. Our goal is to present meaningful solutions to investors worldwide who plan to benefit from the productivity of American real estate market and live up to the innovative, worldly and entrepreneurial legacy of our home-port.

We provide our members with a straight-forward method to become investors in institutional funds that lend construction capital to carefully selected and strategically positioned real estate development projects. 


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Professional Programs

No fixer-upper family deals: Investors’ Harbour only features meticulously planned, large-scale construction programs, conducted by leading professionals in the industry.


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Working Strategies

It’s not a matter of luck: The Harbour offerings are rigorously calculated private placements, based on strategically positioned real estate development projects with solid exit strategies.


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Direct Investments

No middle men, no commissions: The “collective lending” system of the offerings allows the Harbour members to fund the development of a project, directly, through debt financing.


8.5 Percent      Fixed Return Rate

No estimates, no variables: The real estate financing funds at the Harbour offer a pre-calculated fixed interest rate of 8.5% to each one of its share holders over a 12-month loan period.