The principal sponsor of the Harbour offerings is Admiral Realty Capital, a financial planning and fund management firm with over 35 years of experience in real estate development.

Over 6,000 multi-family units, over 750 single-family homes, over 10 multiplex theaters, 12 hotels, 4 assisted-living facilities, 3 master-planned community plans, and over 150,000 sq. ft. of designed & built medical space.


The management team of Admiral is comprised of accomplished professionals with more than half-a-century of joint experience in real estate acquisition, land development, community planning, construction finance, international funds and project management.

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The leadership team of Admiral Realty Capital has provided financial planning and management services for both residential and commercial projects as licensed general contractors in the states of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. The total value of the residential, commercial, retail and master-planned community development projects that they have completed together to this day is over $2 Billion.

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Principals of the Harbour are Proud Members of:

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Collective Financing Program

Admiral Realty Capital’s collective lending strategy follows the tried and true underwriting rules: having a conservative appraisal, prepared by a third party entity that is licensed and bonded to confirm the true value of property; having impeccable loan documents prepared by seasoned legal experts; and finally qualifying and vetting the borrower. 

By combining the conservatism of debt financing methodology with the efficiency of cutting-edge online collective financing platform technologies, Admiral optimizes the return-on-investment rates, developers’ capital use and the duration of loan terms, and generate business plans that benefit the lender and the borrower at the same time.


Master of 1, commander of all.

The multidisciplinary field of online real estate investment is, overall, quite new, even though it is made up of a number of centuries-old industries. Combining distinct areas of expertise, such as marketplace softwares, construction management and financial planning, this twenty-first century space allows professionals from a variety of backgrounds to take initiative in new business ventures.


Most “crowdfunding” platforms see their business a Fin-Tech (if not merely a Tech) business. They regard their investment platform as a website, and themselves as admins.

However, the key to this entire mechanism is one core discipline – and that is none other than real estate development.

Here at Investors’ Harbour, we believe that commercial development is at the center of all the disciplines that comprise the real estate crowdfunding space. That is why we are proud to have our principal fund issuer’s 35+ years of experience in commercial real estate development as our foundation.