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If you’re seeking a solid and meaningful passive income source through real estate, we are here to help you. It’s your turn to land a great deal.


35+ years of experience.

Our principal funds issuer, Admiral Realty Capital, brings over 35 years of experience in construction finance, real estate syndication and fund management.

Above-market returns.

Harbour offerings present an unmatched 9.5% NET return on your investment. And this is what everyone actually makes – excluding any fees or commissions.

Short-term programs.

Our real estate funds operate over a 12-months period based on a strict loan term. By the end of this period, all members receive their initial capital and profit. 

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How does it work?

The meticulously planned and carefully selected deals at the Harbour work with a straight-forward debt financing methodology. The investment fund, with all its contributors and managing entity, simply, functions like a bank by giving a construction loan to a professional real estate development firm.

This is what we call “collective financing” or collective lending, as the members of the fund – a single asset LLC – collectively lend capital to the Developer/Borrower, or in other words, collectively finance the targeted development project. 

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The amount needed for the completion of the project, is first collected in the fund, and then directly lent to the developer over a loan term of 12-months, and in return of interest. At the end of the loan term, the fund gets paid back, and all the investors earn their profit, based on the units of membership interests they hold in the fund (LLC).

Structuring the deal with an entity not only protects the investors from liability but also helps to streamline distributions and reporting from the developer.

With competitive interest rates, members of the Harbour add to their wealth with every deal. 


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